A different kind of flower in the Romanian PR bouquet

"In my mind EvolutionMedia is inevitably associated with Nora Ionita, whom I have known for quite some time. To be different in a corporation is very difficult, even for an advertising agency, where creativity matters a great deal. The applicable patterns, the ‘one size fits all’ rules make a little robot out of the nonconformist PR professional. Nora was different even under these circumstances, but she still seemed in the budding stage. She needed to

breathe. She did not feel comfortable being a pattern flower in the Romanina PR bouquet.
When she started to put up Evolution Media her being different began to bloom. And not just anyhow... It was something explosive, in one single night the bud bloomed and magically became a wonderful flower. A different one from those I already knew and I was used to. You’re not familiar with it? You can’t miss it...
Admire the flower called EvolutionMedia, indulge in its perfume. Approach it without shyness, get used to it, befriend it because it will remain for a long time in the Romanian PR environment!
All I want from EvolutionMedia is to preserve the same perfume, regardless of the team members, of hardships, troubles, successes, nature and atmosphere. To surprise me with nice things, with crazy ideas and innovative actions. To have the same flair for creativity, professionalism, fairness, to remain different, to make a difference. A  bouquet of flowers would not be that much admired unless it gathered the different flowers within it. "

Alexandra Manaila, editor-in- chief at Netbridge Development, Pagina Medicala and Pagina Farmacistilor


EvolutionMedia, forever

"EvolutionMedia is the PR that took me out of the office and had me going, in a time when I used to decline any invitation to any event, with the same words that I had become tired of: „I am alone, I don’t have time, I represent the sedentary part of the editorial team... "

And one day I said to myself: „I don’t have time, but I MUST be there!" It was the first event that EvolutionMedia was inviting me to. It doesn’t matter which one it was – what’s important is that the topic was extremely serious and interesting, the participants were specialists I was dying to meet, hear, ask... And I don’t remember how the invitation sounded like, but I felt something about it. It hasn’t been that long since then, but for me it was a new stage of my return to journalism, the real comeback. If I come to think of it, I believe I haven’t missed any event organized by EvolutionMedia since. I always go because I like seeing serious competent people in action that get truly involved, not just good professionals. I like seeing how they succeed, when necessary, to raise the bar at which the event could have stopped, to give a certain meaning to an action with a target less specified by the client. I like seeing when something goes by the clock, but you know, not an electronic one, a clock that goes „tick-tock", because it also has a heart!

In the PR environment (no just the Romanian one!) I see so much shallowness, so much amateurism and so much vain belief that anyone can do this job that, after having finally  met people with real vocation, I will never lose them from the radar. Give them a budget and a free hand, you will not feel sorry! And we, the journalists who have the listening frequency set on EvolutionMedia, we’ll be there every time! "

Mihaela Serea, web editor Avantaje


A collaboration turned friendship

"The collaboration with the EvolutionMedia team has always been excellent. Led by Nora Ioniță, the Evolution Media team is made of professionals with experience in event and campaign management. The proof lies in all the conferences they have organized, where I always have to get in time if I want to find a a seat in the hall. Events such as Diabetes Day in Romania or the SOS Cardio campaign are also, proofs of this team’s professionalism. For me, EvolutionMedia is a model in the PR specialists industry: promptness, ingenuity in event management, but also openness to journalists. In time, my collaboration with the girls at EvolutionMedia turned into a beautiful friendship I want to thank them for. God luck in all projects! "

Alexandra Jeles, online editor Romania Libera