EVM team

EvolutionMedia Team

We work as a team because each member has his/her place, a place earned by proving certain abilities. We are also a team because we believe in the paraphrased saying “where there is us, there is more strength”.

The studies and the professional background are just two common denominators, that ensure the cohesion of the EvolutionMedia team. To this we add the way of being of each of us.

With these characteristics, we do not divide the success of each project dose of involvement individually, we divide the final result in equal parts. Because we know that this success is directly proportional with the involvement of everyone.

The EvolutionMedia team includes proffesionals in the communication field, with these specializations: public relations, media relations, client service, creative, DTP, event logistics.


Nora Ionita, Managing Partner

Graduate of the Faculy of Journalism and Communication Studies from the University of Bucharest, Nora has an experience of 21 years in media and PR. Her name is associated with the launch in Romania of two important magazines, Unica and BIZ. However, the experience in media means much more than that. It also means senior editor at Ziarul Financiar, front desk editor at the newspaper Ziua, reporter at Radio National.

The PR proffesional of today has trained over time in large agencies, such as: Lowe Public Relations, currently GolinHarris, Image Promotion, Saatchi & Saatchi.

“EvolutionMedia appeared naturally, as a step following the previous one. But it appeared in the right time, when I felt that my experience is enough, that my abilities are plenty, that I have the ability to understand people and to motivate them”.


Gina Matei, client service

Gratuated from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies Lucian Blaga from Sibiu. During 2008-2011 she was health editor at Jurnalul National newspaper and in 2012 she was Pharma News editor, The Group project.

At the end of 2011 she joined the EvolutionMedia team.

“It started with a small project and a great proposition: that of full-time employment, for an indefinite period of time. I only had my press experience, insufficient in my opinion, so the proposition was in fact an opportunity. And every day I realize that this opportunity is the chance to permanently learn new things and to practice the ability to overcome my limits”.

Lacramioara Dumitru, media relations

Has over 10 years of experience in media relations. Before EvolutionMedia there were Unica and InstalCon Advertising Agency.

Good comunicator, Lacramioara has shortly become the person that maintains the relationship with the journalists. In just a short time, she has become the friend of these journalists.

“EvolutionMedia is the place that allows me at the end of the day, when I draw the line and do the sum, to enjoy tremendously the result. I collect beautiful moments, I collect good news from a journalist. In the end, I win as a state of mind”.


Anca Ionita, consultant

Succesful journalist and cultural manager, Anca Ionita is currently a teacher at the National University of Theatre and Film, as well as the editor-in-chief of Business Review.

Former publisher and editor-in-chief of Time magazine, Anca Ionita believes in cultural products that change perceptions and offer benchmarks.

“Any resemblance with the name of the managing director is not purely coincidental. Nor is my sister, but the collaboration with EvolutionMedia was not bassed on kinship, it just happened that I was the person that the team needed”.


Florin Dumitrescu, copywriter

Florin Dumitrescu is Advertising Maker editor, PhD in general linguistics. He has worked in advertising (copywriter and creative director). For three years he taught rhetoric and the argumentation theory at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest.

Since 1993 he become a founding member and songwriter of the band Sarmalele Reci. In 1997 he published the poem volume “Ana are mere”, volume that was awarded the Debut Prize of the Writer’s Association from Bucharest.

“Every job implies creativity and compels me to give it sometimes the best, sometimes what is most adequate, but always something I believe in. The collaboration with EvolutionMedia meant targeted requests, offers delivered on time. Just as my name is associated with the creation of the band Sarmalele Reci, I would like that the activity from EvolutionMedia be associated with the campaign that, I am bragging I jnow, I baptised”.